Custom Commands or Command Blocks?

Total Survival doesn’t (or at least most of the time) use any custom commands or command blocks. We may use them to make your survival experience even better. The purpose of the server is to get as close the the vanilla experience of minecraft as possible except that you have multiple people working with you or against you.

Will this server use any mods or plugins?

This server may use mods or plugins. Any mods or plugins that we have installed will only be there to ensure that excessive griefing and abuse are kept to a minimum. We will try to keep the plugins and mods to as little numbers as possible.

How will multiplayer work on this server?

Multiplayer could be multiple things. It could be you and a group of friends or players that build a base and gather rescources or it could be that it’s you on your own, sneakily stealing from other bases and players or just hiding from everyone and getting lots of stuff in order to attack someone. Or maybe you’re the more peaceful type and you just stay away from everyone and farm!

It doesn’t matter what you do because this is supposed to be as close to the vanilla survival experience as possible!

Troubleshooting and Help

If you have any questions or MC errors that are not answered in this section of the website please sign up for an account and post the exact MC error that you got. (including all of the random characters such as dots and slashes because they might mean something important even if they don’t make sense to you personally).

Quick Errors (solutions to these don’t apply to specific systems)

Message: Error 502 – Server not found Answer: The wrong ip address was entered or the server was discontinued Message: Client error – java.NullException.error Answer: Java or your client is outdated
Message: Error 503 – “HTTP no response” Answer: is down Message: failed to login: invalid session (Try to restarting your game) Answer: Like the message says, try restarting your game! Message: failed to login: Bad Login Answer: Logging in too quickly after last attempt Message: You were disconnected from the server Answer: You either lagged out or you were kicked Message: Connection reset Answer: Try restarting Minecraft, your computer, or your internet/router
Message: Internal exception: Read timed out Answer:The server you are trying to connect to is currently offline Message: Taking forever to log in Answer: wasn’t responding so the server couldn’t authenticate you. Try restarting your internet or router

CREDIT FOR THESE ANSWERS: Cruz23456 (on the HIVE mc forums)

Mac solutions

“Can’t Resolve Hostname”

This error is actually pretty common. It can also appear as “Unknown Host” as well as the one in the title. This error basically means that your computer can’t find the server or it doesn’t have any records of it anywhere. There is an easy fix for this though!

              How to fix it:

On your mac open up System Preferences. Once it opens, click on the button that says “Network.” Then look up at the top of the Network page. There will be an option that says “Location” and then a button to press. Click the button and set it to “Automatic.” That should fix the problem! If you still get the same error, then sign up for the website and post a topic with your issue.